Friday, February 25, 2011

What have I been up to lately?

New resolution: blog more frequently!! I hate that it's been a while since I posted last.

Hudson has had some choppy sleeps this past week, the poor thing. I think it's a growth spurt/teething/separation anxiety phase. So coffee has been my new best friend. It feels like I am getting less and less done around the house. I am not sure why but hopefully this weekend I'll accomplish more around the house.

Great news - down 4 lbs since my start date on Family Day! I am going low carb - it's just the way I feel most motivated. Though I am finding myself really nauseous after some of the meals so I am doing some meal planning at the moment to infuse some new recipes into our diet.

I will be ordering Project Life shortly and starting that so I have really started to get into taking done of pictures that encapsulate every day life around the house.

Will be tackling some organizing projects this weekend and look forward to posting pics!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Having Trouble with the Weight!!!

I have been tough on myself about my weight! Ie. Stop talking about it and start doing it!!! It's now become a pain having this weight on me and in more of a practical way than ever before. Since I am becoming more minimalist, frugal and organizational lately...the thought of having 10 different sizes cluttering up my closet is so annoying. I am desperate to lose the weight if nothing else than to have one size in my closet!!

My goal is to be down 40 lbs by the end of the year but I am actually hoping to do this by June - August. Wish me luck!


So I absolutely plan to blog more on here. Lately my obsession has been really honing in on our goals for the upcoming year! In order to fuel my "getting organized" goal I have become obsessed with reading other people's blogs!

Reading Jen's blog is so inspiring! I wait giddily for her email to arrive in my inbox each day saying she's updated with a new post.

There are two ideas she's really suggested that I am on board with! Through her suggestion I have ordered this Life Planner. I am a bit of a day planner junkie. I currently have one that I love and it's served me well but Erin's planner looks like it's the answer to my prayers. It's packed with colour and fun and everything a new Mum could want. I think I will be a returning customer. Her life planner is composed of monthly and weekly views, note pads, special dates, gift giving cards and so much more. It's personalized too so I can load it up with personalized touches!

The other project that Jen has gotten me into is this. I will be buying three boxes of Project Life One for us, one for my Mum and one for my in-laws. I will work on it all year and it will be their Christmas presents. I hope to do it every year for our family as well! :) I am not a scrapbooker but I do love to archive memories and this is right up my alley! I can't wait to order it and have it get here!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Resolution Check In

Happy February 1st!

I wanted to check in and stay accountable for our goals and New Years Resolutions now that we're one month down in the year!

1. Loose 40 lbs by 2012 - well I joined WW and I worked out three times last week but I am still eating way too many calories it seems. I started Feb 1 (today) as my new start date. I am 1 lb down! That's still 1 lb I don't have to have on me!

2. Find a dog to keep Flanagan company - Done! Louis is a fabulous addition to our home!!

3. Financial Goals - we completed what we needed to in January to work towards our 2012 goals!

4. Keep a clean and organized home - I have been doing pretty well. I re-organized the pantry, bedroom and our front hall closet. They're now organized and neat. I have to keep up with the dishes a little more! But I am pleased.

5. Buy an outfit I feel confident in - won't do this until goal #1 is completed.

6. Lose the frump and be more girly! - I have been doing pretty well though my hair is awful...I have more makeup on. The losing weight will really help in this effort!!