Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Resolution Check In

Happy February 1st!

I wanted to check in and stay accountable for our goals and New Years Resolutions now that we're one month down in the year!

1. Loose 40 lbs by 2012 - well I joined WW and I worked out three times last week but I am still eating way too many calories it seems. I started Feb 1 (today) as my new start date. I am 1 lb down! That's still 1 lb I don't have to have on me!

2. Find a dog to keep Flanagan company - Done! Louis is a fabulous addition to our home!!

3. Financial Goals - we completed what we needed to in January to work towards our 2012 goals!

4. Keep a clean and organized home - I have been doing pretty well. I re-organized the pantry, bedroom and our front hall closet. They're now organized and neat. I have to keep up with the dishes a little more! But I am pleased.

5. Buy an outfit I feel confident in - won't do this until goal #1 is completed.

6. Lose the frump and be more girly! - I have been doing pretty well though my hair is awful...I have more makeup on. The losing weight will really help in this effort!!

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