Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Organizing Begins

Rome wasn't built in a day! So I took baby steps towards the organization of our home. 

First I decided to tackle the linen closet. It was all over the place before and incredibly unorganized.

Here is the linen closet. The top shelf is our crib bumper - unfortunately there is no easy way to store that. The next shelf down are the fitted crib sheets and all of our towels. The next shelf down are two baskets. One with wash cloths and the other one has bath products.

The shelf on the bottom are our extra soaps, cleaners etc that I buy when they're on sale.

Next I tackled our bathroom. I am not a big fan of our vanity because it is just one cupboard (no drawers) which makes it really difficult to organize. So I cleared a bunch of it out.



We also inserted a shelf on top of our toilet to have things we use every day accessible. 

It was fun organizing it all at a very low cost!


  1. It was fun looking at your organizational pictures! I too am on an organizing journey. We shall see how long it lasts :)

  2. Thank you very much! There are many more to come! :)