Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitchen Organization!

So this week I went to Solutions (an organizing store chain in Canada) and went hog wild. I am a loyal reader of I Heart Organizing Blog. She did a whole series on pantry renovations which inspired me. 

I find when our pantry is cluttered I feel almost overwhelmed!! So let me walk you through all that I did.  Our baby cupboard is one I find really overwhelming. I breastfed Hudson for the first 3 weeks and now we formula feed (though I pumped a lot in between). We are also about to start foods. So between all these and bibs...there is a lot of clutter!

Baby Cupboard Before

Baby Cupboard After - we got rid of a lot of the clutter on the top shelf and maximized the space on the upper and lower shelves

This is our tupperware storage. When we make DH's lunch in the morning we need this accessible! So happy with how uncluttered this is!

Our spice cupboard was sooooo disorganized. There was Xmas baking supplies, sauces, extra sauces that I buy on sale, spices and oils and vinegars. REALLY no method to our madness.

Before! EEK!

After! :) Spices are well organized. Some are on the lazy susan purchased at the organizing store and I bought new little spice jars and labelled them so that we no longer have loose spice packets lying around!

Pantry...AFTER! I don't have a before but we moved our extra sauces to the top of this shelf. The middle shelf are breakfast items and the last one are teas and beverages!

Lower pantry is now stocks and soups, rice and noodles and baking supplies. This is an after shot

I went label crazy and this is our front hall cupboard now! 

Close up of the spices. Labels are thanks to Martha Stewart!

More labels which I found at This awesome blog!

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