Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year Check In

It's been a while since I've been on! The New Year has been a busy and fabulous one so far. Hudson's started rice cereal now (hard to believe). We've been busy getting organized for the New Year.

I realized that previously I had been devoting whole posts to each resolution which is great for giving a detailed description of what I indeed to do.

I thought, for accountability's sake, that I should list them out. I have some others that I won't list and will keep private four our family but here are a bunch.

1. Everything in it's place - keep an organized house - things put away, clean and organized.

2. Double our e-fund - I have a set dollar amount to have put aside every month

3. Pay down debt - I also have a dollar amount allocated for this goal. It will take detailed recording.

4. To find a companion for Flanagan.

5. To lose 40 lbs (at least) by January 2012.

6. Buy an outfit I feel more confident in

7. Lose the FRUMP - ie. feel more girly and put an effort into looking so!

Wish me luck!

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