Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organized Home - Cleaning Edition

A clean home is definitely a happy home! I have done research for months on the best way to clean a home. Seems silly to research something so simple but you wouldn't believe what is out there - chore charts, timed cleaning strategies, cleaning by zone...tons of ideas. My conclusion can be summed in one phrase: "Just do it"! 

I do think it's valuable to have a set of daily chores but  it's important to fit those into your daily routine the way it works for you! It's also key to keep a tidy home as well as a clean one! However, clutter happens and that's why I have been aiming to do daily upkeep in addition to one organization project per week (more on these later)!

There is one motto I really stick too no matter when or where I am cleaning. I love the idea of "never leave a room empty handed". As I mentioned before one of my goals for 2011 is for everything to have its place. It's natural for us to put things in convenient places, it's bound to happen. So if I'm making a trip upstairs and one of Hudson's bibs is on the kitchen counter...I take it with me. I never have empty hands leaving a room. Ever. It spreads some of the work out and makes cleaning easier. 

Everything in it's place - this leaves no guess work to "making room for something". You know where the dish rags go...put them there. It just becomes automatic over time. 

Another helpful trick is that I keep separate cleaners on each floor. If I only have time for a quick clean I will just spray some bleach in the bathroom and wipe. Each sink has its own wipe or cloth and cleaners. That way I am not running all around the house. Some people prefer a cleaning caddy - it's not for me. I don' think lugging stuff around the house would motivate me more necessarily!

A timed cleaning. I know it's common to put the timer on for a clean so that you don't devote more than x amount of time to one room. I think this is key. I use a timer in my head as opposed to physical one. I find if I am lolly-gagging I have to finish up and move on. 

I think it's important to separate chores/tasks into daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal. 

For us daily tasks include:

-showering and de-frumping (ie. makeup etc)
-leave the room with used bottles, formula and pacifiers
-change the baby's diaper before he comes downstairs
-sterilize the bottles in the microwave 
-let Flanagan outside while the microwave is going
-unload the dishwasher
- if you don't have bottles in your hand I suggest leaving your bedroom with your laundry hamper....then you don't have to go back up for it. 

Breakfast Time (See My Hubby off to Work)
-Feed the baby and put him down for his morning nap
-I allow myself to sit down with a cup of coffee and catch up finances and paperwork...making sure we're on track
-start a load of cloth diapers or laundry
-let Flanagan out while I am loading the washing machines
-vacuum and wash the floors (Hudson's going to start crawling I make sure this is done)
-think about dinner - what needs thawing or chopping
-is everything in its place? If not...remedy i

Lunch Time

- wipe down the kitchen and sterilize more bottles
-dishwasher is open as I do this so I load as I go
-more laundry
-Hudson time - play and cuddle
-Hubby gets home - we catch up 
- Make Dinner

Dinner Time

-Hudson has his rice cereal
-Load dishwasher
-Sterilize and fill bottles
-Take Hudson up with his paci, bottles and formula dn rock him to sleep
-When asleep it's time for Katie and DH time or time at the computer (over time this is when I will do the dishes too)

Weekly things include sheets washes and dusting....or anything you've missed in your daily cleans!

So...what do I use to clean. I have come to love some products! As I mentioned, I keep different products on different floors. But this is my kitchen cleaning cupboard. It's accessible and convenient. 

The cleaning cupboard - the top shelf contains dishwasher fluid and dish suds. The bottom shelf includes the canister for kitchen linens and all cleaners!

My favourite cleaners for the kitchen. VIM gets our stove sparkling and counters fresh. Lysol is a disinfectant. I use it where food or formula has been.

Toy Wipes - these are key and safe for my baby boy!

Dish suds - I haven't tried this scent yet but we keep it next to the sink so it's easy to fill the sink and clean as I go.

Floor Cleaners - The VIM is amazing. I like VIM products in general. I must say that my new love is the Method Almond scented one..smells amazing. 

Disposable wipes are more convenient than good for the environment but with such a specific product like stainless steel I find it helpful to just rip one off the roll and wipe!

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