Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Beginnings Resolution #1 - Weight Loss

I don't want to say New Year's Resolution. I think that sets some up for failure. Starting after Christmas I will really be starting to try to lose some weight. Christmas is a week away and in some ways it's unrealistic to start beforehand.

I have many reasons to start. I think that posting it here will help me visualize.

Reasons to Lose Weight & Get Healthy:

1. My Family

I don't want a cupcake to keep me from spending years with my wonderful men. My husband and son mean the world to me. I want to be by their side for a very long time. I also want to get healthy to set a good example for my children.

2. Expanding Family

Brian and I have already stated that we'll start to TTC as soon as I am at a healthy weight. If that's not motivation...I don't know what is! I would love to give Hudson a baby brother or sister.

3. Aunt Helen.

On August 25th 2009, I lost my Aunt, one of my closest relatives, to pancreatic cancer. Appropriately deemed "the silent killer" her battle was lost after five very short months. Not only did my sweet aunt internalize a lot of stresses, I think, but her cancer was likely due to lifestyle choices. She was heavier set (but to me that always provided an extra warm hug as a little girl)! Hard to believe she's no longer with us.

She always was self conscious of her weight. I understand how she feels because I feel that way about myself too. To me, Aunt Helen was the most beautiful person in the world. I summered with her every year of my life. Much like a second Mum to me, she's truly missed.

She would have lived to see my son if she lived a few short years. She would have seen her second grandson too. I don't want my health to stand in the way of my future

Me, Aunt Helen and my Uncle Jacques
4. Clothing

Might sound superficial but all I can say about myself now is frump, frump, FRUMP! I feel squishy and rolley polley and all kinds of ick! Ha ha ha! All my life I have been dying to look a certain way and dress a certain way. I just can't do that now with the way I look. Period.

5. Being Thinner is Cheaper

You pay more for being fat. Your clothes have more material too them or you buy food you don't need. It'd be nice to save money where we can!

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