Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our first Christmas as Three!! Pt. 1 - Decorations

So 2010 marks our first Christmas not only as newlyweds but as a family of three! That is one of the reasons why this Christmas has taken tons of organization on my part. We've had to budget for food, gifts, and decorations all for the first time. I was a little rusty. Never having done a Christmas budget before for myself...I had no idea what to account for.

The decorations were amongst the most exciting things to plan for. Christmas was always a really big deal in my family. The same ornaments were brought out year after year and became such traditions. I was really looking forward to creating the same traditions for our family.

We found some budget friendly finds but there were a few splurges in there too.

My Budget Friendly Christmas "Shrine"

Most of these were inherited from my grandmother. I remembered so much about Christmas at her house. The reindeer, rocking house and village houses are hers.
The garland, Christmas Tree Candles, Christmas Tree and little nativity figurines are from my mother. The "HO" figurines if from my mother in law
The cookie plate I got for $7 at a hospital gift shop. The music box was a gift from my Mum. The ceramic Santa candle holder was $2 at the Dollar Shop.

The Tree:

Hudson getting his first tree.
Our Balsom Fir - First Family Christmas 2010

All decorated. Some of the ornaments I got from my grandmother and some were gifts from my Mum. Others I have received as gifts since I was little.

Hudson's first ornament. A tradition I wanted to start was to get him a Christmas ornament every year of his life so that he has a collection when he's older for his own home.
Brian and I have purchased ourselves an ornament each year. This was this year's!
A brighter image of our tree. The Star was $19 and the tree skirt was $19 (down from $60). 

So far a fairly budget Christmas as for the decorations. I bought a package of bulbs at Home Depot for $25 and had so many decorations at home that not one got used! So that wasn't budget friendly.

The tree cost $30 (it's between 6 and 8 feet). The stand was given to us by a friend who is now using artificial.

The star: $19

Tree Skirt: $19 (down from $60)

Decorations: Candy Cane: $8, Hudson's woodland creature: $8. All others were inherited or given.

Tree Total: $54


I spent a total of $26 on our shrine (misc. items).

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