Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer Wardrobe Ponderings

I have learned that people give you a lot of baby clothes. It's so nice of them and I'll never refuse a gift but I do get a joy out of shopping for my little man. That being said, the frugal side of me knows I must take inventory and buy only what we need. What we need? Sleepers and summer clothes.

We will be taking a family vacation in the spring and he'll also need cooler clothes for summer. So I have been browsing the Baby Gap website.

Please note that although I shop at Baby Gap...I constantly get coupons for 30-40% and really only shop there when I can use those!

Swim Trunks - $14.95

Sleeper - $24.95

Plaid Short One Piece -

Cargo Shorts - $19.95

Octopus T Shirt - $14.95

Polo Onesie - $14.50

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