Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our First Christmas as Three - Pt. 3 - Food

We are having Christmas dinner at my house this year and I am blessed and fortunate enough to be surrounded by the best family on that day. They also want to bring most of the food! It's our first Christmas as newlyweds so each family's side are bringing items of food that have been traditional for them. So we're having turkey (my MIL is showing me how to cook it, thank goodness), a sweet potato recipe that my Mum is making, turnip and carrots. My FIL is making figgy pudding for dessert.

Which means I best get my butt in gear! So I am making cookies to munch on with coffee! I do sugar cut-out cookies every year and am really excited to contribute at least something to our Christmas dinner! So I made my cut out cookies. It's the Better Homes and Gardens recipe with an icing recipe I found online. It's called Royal Icing (3 cups icing sugar, 2 egg whites, 2 tsp of lemon juice).

Here are my Christmas cookies. Santa, present and reindeer (not pictured) cookie cutters were at Shoppers Drug Mart for $0.99

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