Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weight Loss Journey Begins

So I started yesterday and my poor husband....I was cranky! I am thoroughly excited to begin this process but boy did I ever forget what a sugar withdrawal is like. It really reminded me how dependant my body had become on the substance. Mind you, I was on a cookie binge the last two weeks! YIKES!

I have too many things in life that I want to achieve to have my weight hold me back so it's really exciting to begin the process. I really hope to eventually get to a point where an occasional cookie or cookie binge...won't set me back horribly! Balance is what I would really like. I have so much to lose (looking to lose about 50 to 100 lbs eventually) that I am starting off restricting myself at first. It is usually what makes me feel the most energized.

I am afraid to write my start weight but here it goes....274. EEK! Awful and I hope (and will) never see that number again!

Here's to an exciting 2011!

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